B is for Baboon (Papio ursinus)


The chacma baboon (or Cape Baboon) is found all over Southern Africa, and it is a social animal with a hierarchy.  They do collective foraging, females adopt the young of other females and they form friendship pairings.

Their interaction with humans disrupts their social structure and if they are fed (they are omnivorous) they will become nuisances and even dangerous to humans (particularly to human young or if they are trapped) and they will then have to be shot.  Please do not feed the baboons.

B is for Baboon.  Photo by Raymond Phillips.  Used with permission.

B is for Baboon. Photo by Raymond Phillips. Used with permission.

This post is in response to the Blogging A-Z Challenge 2015.  The photo is taken in the Kruger National Park by Raymond Phillips and is used by permission.


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3 Responses to B is for Baboon (Papio ursinus)

  1. “Please do not feed the baboons” should be a motto for life.

  2. Interesting. My sister goes to Africa and the baboons (or perhaps monkeys) are very aggressive there. She only forgot to lock her hotel room once. Those thumbs come in handy!

  3. tara tyler says:

    love learning new things – i won’t feed any baboons if I ever come across any. they’re pretty intimidating even if they aren’t that big!
    happy b day!

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