Unbroken, a good tale

All at sea: (from left) Finn Wittrock, Domhnall Gleeson and Jack O’Connell as Louis Zamperini in 'Unbroken', directed by Angelina Jolie.

Unbroken is one of the great stories of tenacity and endurance. Directed by Angelina Jolie’s it sometimes feels long and almost dull.  This movie, although a good tale, doesn’t really do justice to the real-life story of American Olympian, Louis Zamperini.

There are three main sections to this movie.  The first is the youth of our star.  He goes to the 1936 Olympic Games.  There is a moment where he makes eye contact with a Japanese athlete.  This seems to be important and it worried me throughout the third section.  The second relates to the shooting down of an American WWII fighter plane over the Pacific where Louis Zamperini and his friend survive a record number of days adrift in a life boat.  The third is set in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.  The eye-contact scene is never explained.

The movie is solid to the point of stodgy.  At times it almost gets tedious.  Jack O’Connell stars as Zamperini and he is drawn, American movie style, as a man without flaws, making him more difficult to relate to than would have been the case if some of his failings had been uncovered.

For all that, it had me wiping away a tear or two, and it is a very good tale, albeit one that could have been told with more power and a greater impact if the hero had been more human.  Still worth a night out at the theatre to see.  7/10.


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One Response to Unbroken, a good tale

  1. Dan O. says:

    Good review. It’s fine. A bit too plain and simple to really bring out any emotions, but still worth checking out.

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