Leading Lady, the movie … a review

 Leading Lady Gil Bellows and Brumilda van Rensburg 1

Leading Lady is a chick fliek, an unlikely love story between a British teacher, Jodi Rutherford (Katie McGrath) and Kobus Willemse, a boer, (Bok van Blerk).   Daniel Taylor (Gil Bellows) is the director of a film his girlfriend, Jodi, wants to star in.

Leading Lady Premiere, Brumilda van Rensburg and Andre Stoltz

The other stars are Brumilda van Rensburg who plays Magdaleen Willemse, the mother of the Willemse boys; Andre Stolz who plays Japie van der Merwe and who is courting Magdaleen Willemse; Eduan van Jaarsveldt who plays Johan Willemse, our hero’s brother and is a man with an interesting sex life; Craig Palm who plays Petrus Engelbreght, the farm hand; and Mary Twala who plays Sarah Novuka, the domestic help.

This movie is a delightful piece of froth and will be appreciated by a wide spectrum of South Africans.  With its foreign actors it is destined for overseas markets and I am not entirely sure how well the movie will go down with main stream audiences.  I feel a little protective of this movie and don’t want its feelings to be hurt by harsh reviews from critics who fail to understand it properly.  However, if South African movie making is to continue to progress, then it will have to stand up to international scrutiny, not all of which will have the indulgent nature of someone who is the great granddaughter of a Boer woman who fell in love with an English soldier in the Second Anglo Boer War.

I loved the movie and give it 7/10.   I deducted a point for the dreadful credits at the beginning.  Awful.



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