A recipe book for all Seasons

Golden Cloud - Cookbook Eng LR

This is a recipe book using flour, sponsored by Golden Cloud (Tiger Brands) so nearly all of the recipes involve baking of some sort or other.  For those of us who haven’t done much baking over the years there is an interesting appendix entitled “Baker’s Hints and Tips”. This deals with “Knowing your ingredients” – a section which discusses which flours do what and are suitable for what purpose.  It also deals with the various mixes available.  I’ve always baked completely from scratch, so never used these aids.  Now that I do little baking the aids might encourage me to do more.   Other sections in the appendix include storing and measuring, preparing baking trays and dealing with oven shelf positions and oven temperatures.  Conversion tables and freezing as well as altitude baking are also discussed.  Worth reading even if one is not a baking novice.

My sister reckons that if one gets just one recipe from a book that one makes over and over for a family that enjoys it, the book was worth the price.  There are certainly some recipes in this book which look as if they would make interesting additions to my own lifestyle.

There are five sections (not four as one would expect from the seasons), one dealing with Alfresco Feasts, and only then the Spring Brunch, Festive Summers, Autumn Braais and Winter Fireside Favourites.  The first of these sections gives me three recipes I’m itching to try.  The first is salmon fish cakes made with tinned salmon.  The second is chickpea, onion and halloumi filled loaf (although I may just use bought pita bread) while the third is one of those that has caught my imagination for taking with me to the Kruger National Park when I head there over Christmas.  It is entitled “Decadent Fruit Fritters”.  Made with apples and cake fruit mix, these fritters sound deliciously Christmassy, but can be produced in a pan on the braai for breakfast or for dessert.

The other recipe which definitely caught my attention was one for parmeson wafers, simply made with 500 grams grated parmesan cheese, 45 ml Golden Cloud White Bread Wheat Flour and 120 ml fresh oregano finely chopped.  Mix.  Bake for three to five minutes or until the cheese is melted.  Turn over and bake until golden in colour.  Shape over bottles or a rolling pin if desired when they come out of the oven.  Serve with a dip. Low carb baked crisps. Sounds good to me.  I will be picking up some parmeson from Super Sconto soon.

The best braai recipe is one for fresh salmon coated in flour, baked on the braai and served on a melon and coriander salsa.  Pity my travelling companion for my next holiday is allergic to fish.

Bakers will love this book.  Non-bakers may be inspired.  I will certainly be trying some of these things, including the mixes which I have been ignoring for years.

  • Title: A recipe book for all seasons
  • Published by Penguin Books (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd
  • Year: 2013
  • Photography: Jan Botha
  • Photographic direction:  Clair Durow
  • Food Styling:  Gay Mitchell, Food Creations
  • Copyright:  Tiger Consumer Brands 2013
  • ISBN:  9780-14353-0473
  • Recommended price:  Not known



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