Cenotaph of Dan Wa Moriri

The inaugural So Solo Festival at Wits curated by Gita Pather has seen some particularly interesting works.  One of these is Cenotaph of Dan Wa Moriri with Toni Miyambo performing, directed by Gerard Bester in collaboration with William Harding.

So Solo Cenotaph

Basically it is an examination of the grieving process of a seventeen year old boy who loses his father.  My mother died when I was seventeen.  The work resonated strongly with me, other than that I was much more rebellious.  It is the human fallibility, frailty, compassion and sadness that touch one in this charming and entertaining piece of theatre.

It is a clever work, using small wooden pieces to great effect as part of the set/props. These could be, but are not, distracting in their own right.

This is a work which I expect will be seen at more festivals over the next few years.  It is certainly a piece well worth seeing.



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