Food “holiday” – white chocolate day 22 September

White chocolate.  There is no such thing as white chocolate from a purist’s point of view, although the presence of cocoa butter is sufficiently close to chocolate to allow products made with cocoa butter to be called “chocolate”.  It is true, though, that the ivory coloured mixture of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids does not contain chocolate liquor.  It also doesn’t have any caffeine , thiamine, riboflavin, phenylethylamine or theobromine.  It has no antioxidant properties.  And a lot of people think it has no taste other that fatty and sweet.

White chocolate was first marketed in Europe by Swiss company Nestlé in the 1930s. If there was a story to tell in this regard it has been lost.

White chocolate day 22 September

The bars of white chocolate called “Milky Bar” made by Nestlé in South Africa are dubbed “Creamy White Confection” and they contain cane sugar, full cream milk powder, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm fruit oil, shea nut oil, illip seed oil), emulsifiers, flavouring.  No cocoa butter in them at all.  Thus they are really not chocolate from anyone’s point of view.

I don’t like “white chocolate” much, although I will concede that it makes a very pretty decorative contrast with milk or dark chocolate.  22 September is the food “holiday” to celebrate white chocolate in the USA.  They are welcome to keep this one for themselves.  🙂



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