What not to eat on a first date … The Link SABC1

When I was a young girl getting ready for my first date my mother sat me down and told me what foods never to order in public, especially on a date, never mind a first date.  They include anything messy that is likely to leave one with food on one’s face or has to be eaten with the hands (like ribs or mielies on the cob), anything difficult to manipulate (like spaghetti), anything one doesn’t know, or the most expensive meal on the menu.

Dish It Out on The Link, SABC1 looks at just this topic – what are the foods one should avoid eating on a first date? What my mother never told me is that food with onion and garlic are probably not clever, especially if he/she is dishy and you fancy a good night kiss. It is probably also best to avoid any restaurant with a Drive Thru, although my mother never mentioned those for the simple reason that they didn’t exist when I was a teenager. Two for one specials aren’t the greatest idea either.

My mother didn’t mention this (she left out a lot) and I found it out the hard way.  Spinach, pesto and other greens can get stuck in your teeth.  Very unsexy even if it is only a very little piece.  And no, he/she probably won’t tell you.  Greens are nearly as bad as beans. The childhood mantra “Beans, beans warm the heart, the more you eat, the more you fart. The more you fart the better you feel, so beans, beans at every meal.” has some truth to eat. Avoid anything you know gives you the burps or the farts.  Just not nice.

I’m trying to visualise my mother on tv handing out this advice.

Fashion trends for summer will also be looked at when Metro FM’s Unathi Msengana takes Lerato Kganyago shopping and shares her new album news with us.

Lerato The Link

The Link, Season 3 can be seen on SABC1 on Wednesday 17 September 2014 at 18:00.



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