Bicycle Race … more than just a Queen song

I went away on holiday and came back to a changed Johannesburg.  They have installed bicycle lanes on one of the routes through Braamfontein.  I work in Braamfontein, so this impacts on me.

Bicycles.  I don’t often consider them.  I am far too much of a “fat bottomed girl” to “want to ride my bicycle” myself.  I give them a wide berth when driving on Sunday mornings.  I would hate to knock a cyclist over.  Theoretically I have wanted cycle lanes for many years now.  Make things safer for the green people who are not adding carbon gases to the atmosphere.

Other than that, bicycles are only in season during Le Tour de France, which is now.  Various cyclists from around the world are battling it out this week.  It is quite an effort.  I read somewhere that in order to eat the number of calories the cyclists burn they have to eat very calorie dense food (like chocolate) because otherwise they could not manage the sheer bulk of food they would require.  Nice problem.  🙂 Lovers of Le Tour de France should tune in to Expresso on Wednesday 23 July on SABC 3 so they can get up to date information on this world famous sports event.

In the meantime, purely co-incidentally, I found this statue, which is one of three centenary works entitled collectively “Prytaneum” in Grahamstown at the Rhodes University which caught my eye.  Proof that I am not completely oblivious to bicycles.  This is called “Life Cycle”.  All three works are by Gavin Younge and this one of the works in the geocaching activity in Grahamstown.  Just one of the pieces of information required is the date that this sculpture was erected.  That date is 2004.  However, you still have to count the number of bicycles yourself.


Bicycle Statue, Rhodes University.

“Life Cycle” by Gavin Younge, Rhodes University.

In the meantime I hope the cyclists all travel safely in their new bicycle lanes and that the cars don’t usurp these strips of green the way they do with yellow lines.  Safe cycling, happy cycling for Le Tour de France and the rest of us can just enjoy the Queen Bicycle Race. 



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