Beginners on stage … ask Miss B, book launch at the festival

Title: Beginners On Stage … Ask Miss B.  The Ultimate Guide to Running a Theatre. Words of wisdom by one of the more experienced people in the industry.



Debra Batzofin has been working in theatres since 1973 when she worked on the Ipi Tombi production.  In the more than forty years since then she has worked on many of the most famous productions in South African theatre history.  She has run very successful theatres both for years and over the years.  Festival artistic director Ismail Mahomed challenged her to share her knowledge with the new generation of theatre craftspeople and this book is the result.

Debra Batzofin shares her knowledge with a new generation of theatre makers.

Debra Batzofin shares her knowledge with a new generation of theatre makers.

This resource book was written as both a text book and a reference book for those working in the theatre, film and television industry.  It is based on Debra Batzofin’s years of experience will assist both those seeking work in the industry and those who are already in the industry.  The result will be greater knowledge, better results and improved confidence in every sphere of theatre, from venue to database, bookings and the massive task of opening the doors to the public on any given show night.  Good new for those participating in the Student Theatre Festival – they will receive a complimentary copy courtesy of the author and her generous sponsors – DWR Distribution, Nedbank Arts & Culture Trust, Splitbeam and Tsogo Sun.

The book launch will take place in the Nuns Chapel.  Free.


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