What the Water Gave Me

One of the Ovations Winners!

What the Water Gave Me.  Publicity photograph Jan Potgieter.

What the Water Gave Me. Publicity photograph Jan Potgieter.

The University of Johannesburg Arts and Culture programme presents this work by Rehane Abrahams, directed by Jade Bower and featuring Cherae Hailey.

It starts outside the theatre in the foyer with an invitation for the audience to wash our hands and to have some chai.

The tales told are traumatic and Cherae Hailey works so beautifully with the excellent script. The story relates to mythology of abuse as well as to abuse and human sex trafficking (against the will of the people involved).

I invited friends from The Salvation Army who are interested in human trafficking to travel up from Port Elizabeth to Grahamstown to come and see this, but as far as I know, they have not, as yet, done so.  Pity because these are issues which they are addressing. The run at the National Arts Festival, sadly, is over after 18:00 tonight (7 July 2014) which is the last show.

This is well worth seeing and hopefully it will get several more outings at other festivals, theatres and again at its home theatre at UJ.




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