Machine Makes Man, a play from Amsterdam Fringe

Machine Makes Man was created by Old Sound Room (a New York City based theatre company), with performance, music and text by Michael McQuilken and Adina Verson, choreographed by Adina Verson and directed by Michael McQuilken.

Machine Makes Man


The programme says:  “Machine Makes Man is the story of Milly and Jeffrey Kramer, a pregnant couple with not much to lose.  After Jeffrey volunteers to be a test subject for a new teaching technology experiment conducted by DARPA, their 9-month journey takes a turn for the exponential. Using original music, media, and the ideas of trans-humanist Ray Kurzweil, Machine Makes Man explores the future of possibility, apple sauce and what it truly means to be human.   Machine Makes Man was created in the summer of 2013 in New York City.  It premiered in the Best of the Fringe category at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival where it won the gold prize for Best International Performance.”

Machine Makes Man was one of the Ovations Winners at the 2014 National Arts Festival.

Machine Makes Man is the story of Jeffrey, a man whose interaction with a new teaching technology enables him to leave his longstanding job as a mechanic in favor of becoming a rock super-icon, later an outspoken political figure, and eventually an invisible field of energy. Hoping that the loss of her husband might justify a refund, his estranged wife, Milly, apologetically recounts Jeffrey’s disappearance to an entranced customer service specialist employed by the company responsible for developing said teaching technology.

National Arts Festival performances of Machine Makes Man Thursday 3 July 17:00, Friday 4 July 12:00 and 18:30, Saturday 5 July 14:30 and Sunday 6 July 19:00 at the Hangar.  Duration 1 hour, PG13, Tickets R60 (Full price), R50 (Student/Scholar).


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