What I wish I could see today: Chicago Children’s Choir

Compiling one’s programme for the National Arts Festival is a frustrating task.  Frustrating because one is obliged to choose between things, sometimes several things, that one really does want to see.

Chicago Children's Choir

Chicago Children’s Choir

The thing I am most sorry about not being able to work into my programme on the first two days of the NAF is one of the two concerts being given by the Chicago Children’s Choir.  These young people (they are not very small children) are presenting two unique programmes, both very diverse and both completely different.  They move from Mozart to Zulu, Xhosa and other traditional songs.  They sing popular music from various eras, from Simon and Garfunkel to Johnny Clegg.  They move from Korea to Africa and back to America.  And they obviously keep it to a fairly rapid pace because both hour long programmes have more than twenty songs in them.

The Chicago Children’s Choir can be heard on Thursday 3 July at 19:00 and Friday 4 July at 15:00 at Kingswood Chapel.




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