Afrikaans television station on OpenViewHD free to air

I attended the acquisition party by Sabido Investments of ASTV (Afrikaanse Satelliettelevisie), the exciting and versatile Afrikaans television channel, at Emoyeni on 11 June 2014.  The channel has been available on channel 151 of the OpenView HD Digital Satellite Television platform since October 2013.

Sarahann Doherty In die Kollig, lifestyle programme presenter

Sarahann Doherty In die Kollig, lifestyle programme presenter

I identify as an English-speaking South African for the most part, so why would I attend an event which mostly targeted at the Afrikaans community.  Well, there are lots of reasons for this.  Firstly, I am the product of a “mixed marriage” with an English speaking mother and an Afrikaans speaking father so, despite having been educated in English, I really am comfortable in both languages.  Secondly, I identify as Afrikaner stock on both sides of the family, having had one great-grandmother on each side interned in “Boer” concentration camps during the Second Anglo-Boer War.  Thirdly, my cultural comfort zone takes in much that is uniquely South African and ASTV’s programming often fits that niche for me, for example with cooking programmes which address South African culture and lifestyle as often experienced by people with somewhat diverse Afrikaans backgrounds.  For example I can still hear the call “Kos is Oppie Tafel” (intoned, often, by our Zulu domestic worker) the name of one of the food programmes presented by Willie Strauss.

ASTV's Willie Strauss presents Kos is Oppie Tafel

ASTV’s Willie Strauss presents Kos is Oppie Tafel

Music programmes are also featured on ASTV together with angling programmes, and a lifestyle programme, In Die Kollig, hosted by Sarahann Doherty, which will feature landmarks, people, gardens and celebrities’ homes.

I haven’t, as yet, been overly tempted to purchase the once-off decoder which will allow me access to OpenView HD, mainly because I am very, very seldom home to watch television and I only own an ancient, really ancient, television set with lousy reception. The purchase of a new television set and the OpenView HD decoder is inching its way up my priority list, though, and ASTV is a motivating factor in that.

Monique Steyn presents Restaurante Toe

Monique Steyn presents Restaurante Toe

To date there are 18 varied OpenView HD channels ranging from entertainment, culture and lifestyle to children’s shows and education. OpenView HD, launched in October 2013, is South Africa’s first free-to-air Digital Satellite Television platform, a sister company to and a division of Sabido Investments (Pty) Ltd. With OpenView HD, you pay once-off for a satellite dish, set top box and installation; and no monthly subscription fees thereafter. OpenView HD decoders are available at leading retail stores nationwide. More entertainment and more channels will be added at no additional cost to the viewer for life.



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