One Woman Farce

One Woman Farce stars Louise Saint-Claire in the award winning play with five doors and eight characters.  One of the awards this play one was a Standard Bank Ovation in 2012 at the National Arts Festival.  One Woman Farce is written and directed by the current holder (2014) of the Standard Bank Young Artist for Theatre, Greg Homann.  I made a plan to see it at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Studio Theatre towards the end of the run on 31 May 2014 (It ends on 8 June, so there is still time to catch it in Johannesburg).

Louise Saint-Claire in One Woman Farce

Louise Saint-Claire in One Woman Farce

It is a frenetic work that achieves its goal of showing how busy a house with a family can be.  I am a single person who lives alone with an elderly cat.  No teenage trauma, no haphazard husband stuff, no stressful in-law stuff ever happens in my little flat.  During the play I longed to go home to my peaceful existence.  I remembered this feeling from visiting my sister’s home between 17.00 – 19:00 while she had two small children.  For years I accepted dinner invitations to my sister’s home with very ambivalent feelings.  It was too noisy, too busy, too full of angst for me to be comfortable there, but it was also a place of great love and amusement and pleasure.  This play made the same feelings surface.  I loved, I laughed, but I also felt relief when it was over.

A whole family, counselor mother, inventor father, lisping nerdy son, text talking teenage girl, gambling drinking granny, debt collector, counseled client, (I can’t remember the eighth character) with all its strife and love and activity is created in just over an hour and by one woman.  That takes some doing!  No wonder it won all the awards it has.  Brilliantly acted and directed, this is a work which will be revived around the country from time to time – small cast shows which can work in small theatres have an excellent chance of travelling to festivals and other cities and large towns.  I recommend this slick slice of life highly.  Do not miss it if you get an opportunity to see it.






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