RV Rampage: TV fun in NZ

RV Rampage uses Travel Channel favourites Henry Cole and Amanda Byram to anchor their new adventure series, a reality TV show set in the very beautiful outdoors of New Zealand.


There are five teams of two and South Africans will be fascinated to find that one of those teams are two South African friends both based in the UK.

RVs, for those unfamiliar with the term, are “Recreational Vehicles”, Camper Vans.  The challenges are tough, both physical and mental, and the bar doesn’t necessarily stay set in the same place.  There are only three RVs for the five couples, and they have to share space with the people against whom they are competing.  Relationships become strained.


There are ten episodes being flighted on DSTV’s Travel Channel starting on Monday 26 May 2014 and running daily during the week for two weeks.

The South African couple are the “Orange” team, Deanna and Byron, friends.  Byron is a fitness fanatic and Deanna lost a lot of weight before taking part in the challenge, supported by Byron.  The are both 31 years old and both single.  They are both based in the UK (as are all the competitors).

Team Orange, the South Africans

Team Orange, the South Africans

The Pink team are Ivan (Russia) and Dasha (Ukraine) and they are in a relationship.  They are also based in London and are both yoga instructors. The Green team are Nadia and Ruby, both English.  The Black team are English brothers from Sunderland, Patrick and Dominic while the last team, the Blue team, are a married couple originally from Thailand, now living in Oxford.

The first of the ten episodes is set on the North Island in Auckland, where they have to tour the city’s marina to locate, identify and photograph a list of city landmarks before doing a ledge walk 54 stories up at the top of the city’s world famous Sky Tower.  From there they move to Rotorua, home to the fascinating Maori Cultural Heritage Centre where they learn to perform the Haka for Maori judges and doing some rain forest canopy climbing.  The third leg is in Taupo where they go trout fishing and clay pigeon shooting before doing a 15 000 skydive and a paddleboard race. The fourth episode takes place in Taihape where they get to grips with sheep before doing ome white water rafting.  The final North Island stint is in Wellington where they do a Kiwi cook off before doing a quad bike orienteering course.

On the South Island they visit Malborough and Abel Tasman for a wine tasting challenge, and a vine tending challenge before doing some kayaking.  From there they move to the area used for the film “The Piano” where they pan for gold and go caving.  In Franz Josef (a place, not a person) they meet a Survival Expert who teaches them to build shelters, light fires with flints and find food from the land and lake.  The next day they do ice climbing. They all survive that and move on to Wanaka where they become artists and then do some Canyoning which involves navigating a steep gorge using the river as their route. They abseil, slide and jump down waterfalls all the time judged as to their confidence and accuracy over the course.  Their final destination is in Queenstown where the five couples race through a series of clues and challenges before heading to the world famous AJ Hackett Bungee site for a tandem bungee swing which just happens to be the biggest bungee swing in the world.

Deanna and Byron, Team Orange, the South African team.

Deanna and Byron, Team Orange, the South African team.

With the Bungee Swing challenge completed, the teams have a final clue to solve and a dash for the finish line.  This is definitely the road trip of a lifetime.


RV Rampage, enjoy it!

RV Rampage, enjoy it!



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