Walk of Shame, politically incorrect as comedy

Politically correct people have no sense of humour.  Funny is often politically incorrect. This movie, written and directed by Steven Brill, is only funny if one takes it on from a politically incorrect viewpoint.


South Africans have adopted the international “Slut Walk” as a theme to indicate that women should NOT be judged by the clothes they wear, while this whole Walk of Shame thing is exactly about being judged by one’s clothes.

Elizabeth Banks plays Meghan Miles, a journalist who is gunning for a job as a TV news anchor.  She goes out on the town dressed in a “trashy” outfit, has a one-night stand, gets locked out of the flat with her car keys but no phone or money, only to discover that her car has been towed. To add to this she needs to be at work to get the job.

For the most part I couldn’t get over my politically correct viewpoint on this one and it felt like I was spending a very long time (much longer than 95 minutes) in the movie house. Then Meghan Miles went all politically correct on me and I was left wondering about where the previous comedy had gone.  Strange movie with a mixed message.

My rating?  5/10.


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