Noeline talked about “When is it OK to be unfaithful?”

On 8 May 2014 Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu discussed "When is it ok tobe unfaithful?" on her talk show at 16:20.  

When is it okay for a partner to be unfaithful? What happens when you are in a relationship with a partner that is diagnosed with a chronic, incurable illness or an unfortunate accident and cannot 
be there for you emotionally and physically? Is it still adultery?What about the "In sickness and in health" vows?

Interesting question and the only answer that was definitive is 
that this must be discussed by the partners.  


9 May will feature some famous people (David Tlale)and 
Dr Marlin McKay and their mothers for Mother's Day.  13 May  
discusses Racism and Classism while 14 May finds Sharon Glass 
showing us some warm desserts for winter.  15 May is a talk about Satanism and our youth.  On 20 May there is a Love Hotline to 
replace the fizzle with sizzle.  Mondays are, as always, medical 
Mondays.21 May looks at The Land Question.  27 May pokes around 
Family Rivalry and 28 May looks at New Books on the Block.
29 May investigates What's Hot For Winter fashion wise.

3Talk is on SABC weekdays at 16:30.

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One Response to Noeline talked about “When is it OK to be unfaithful?”

  1. Nephila says:

    It’s a no brainier. It’s cheating unless your partner consents while being fully informed and not pressured or bullied.

    Or you’re always free to dump them, then you can be single and do whatever you want. How is this even a question worth asking?

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