K is for Konfetti, Afrikaans movie (A-Z Challenge, April 2014)


Afrikaans comedy movies can be horrible.  This one isn’t.  It is great fun even if it is a trifle on the slow side.  Konfetti, stars Nico Panagio, Casey B Dolan, Kim Engelbrecht, Louw Venter and Casper de Vries.  The real blessing is that there is no product placement.

KonfettiBroadly the plot goes like this:  Jean and Sheryl are getting married. He is Afrikaans. She is Jewish. Their families are tense and Lukas – the best man – has been on a drinking spree and forgotten to confirm the band. In desperation he books the first available singer he can find – big mistake! Bianca is the bride’s old nemesis and Sheryl’s perfect wedding is quickly turning in to a tangled mess of emotion. Lukas needs to keep things together for the first time in his life, and deliver the dream wedding for his two best friends, but he can’t even find the ring. His attempts to keep the wedding on rack and get these two to the altar are going make you laugh and cry.


Konfetti opens Friday 18 April 2014.  I give it 6/10.


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One Response to K is for Konfetti, Afrikaans movie (A-Z Challenge, April 2014)

  1. Alicia says:

    How fun to hear of a movie I know nothing about! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the arts in South Africa! Happy A-Z!

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