India Clothing and Textile Trade Show 2014

Its like a standard exhibition type flea market except that it is only for South African chain store buyers, independent retailers, boutique owners, home textile/made-up buyers, agents, importers, wholesalers/ distributors and other industry trade professionals.  This means that  the money in a private person’s pocket stays right there.  Pity because I saw some fabulous at the Accessories by Nupur stand.  I fell in love with some of their handbags and scarves and rather badly wanted to take one home.

Publicity picture provided

Publicity picture provided

So the 8th India Clothing and Textile Trade Show wasn’t entirely successful for me. There is not much point in spending a long time examining the merchandise if one is not allowed to buy it … unless one is going to steal the ideas the designers are using.  I saw some scarves converted into blouses with the addition of some simple buttons, but that particular idea has been more thoroughly canvassed earlier last year with the button and elastic concept which was part of last year’s cultural exchange.  That is better because is is more flexible and doesn’t involve sewing at all.

Basically India is one of the world’s major producers of jute, cotton, silk and synthetic fibres. India is one of the world’s leading source countries for garments and textiles because their labour is skilled and economical resulting in top quality goods at competitive prices.

The show is presented under the auspices of the Apparel Export Promotion Council and the participants in Johannesburg were AKR Textile, Ank Fashions, Accessories by Nurpur, Affordable Exports, Ambuja Overseas, Ayma Creations, Cotton Concepts, Dean Textiles Buying Services, G V Ventures, Ginni Filaments Limited, H Daya Enterprises, Hibhana RM, Jineshwar Exim, Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited, Linear Design, Minto Clothing, N C John & Sons, Saraf Gartex Limited, Shah Originals and Vemb Lifestyles.

Publicity Picture Provided

Publicity Picture Provided

I attended this show on 17 March 2014.



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