Siba’s Valentine’s Day menu

Siba is fabulous. She is a South African celebrity chef who really speaks to the ordinary woman in the kitchen. She is super friendly and kindly obliged me with her Valentine’s Day menu for those of you who would like to serve up something special for someone special. The photographs are courtesy of TASTE Magazine (, for whom Siba created these dishes. Photography by Jan Ras, production by Hannah Lewry. Recipes by Siba.

Siba herself.

Siba herself.

Berry and cheese fruit salad with a passion red berry sauce

These are beautifully plated raspberries, blueberries and strawberries mixed with orange and kiwi slices plus watercress leaves with a wedge of ginger and mango cheese wand and passion berry sauce to complete this salad. Dished in one platter to share, not too much but just enough to whet the appetite for things to come.

Berries and cheese starter

Berries and cheese starter

Wholewheat seafood pizza

Food should look gourmet, stylish and elegant but with very little effort put in and this pizza is exactly that. Wholewheat base topped with duo basil and red pepper pesto topped with salmon shards, calamari cubes, squid and soft mozzarella. It’s packed with flavour is a sure winner for Valentine’s Day. Oops! Unless you’re allergic to shellfish as I am.

Seafood pizza

Seafood pizza

Mocha cheesecake chocolate cups

Dark chocolate and coffee desserts are trending this Valentine’s Day so nothing better than to end off your romantic meal than with a chocolate cups filled with creamy, velvety mocha cheesecake.

Chocolate cups for dessert

Chocolate cups for dessert

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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