Four South African movies coming up soon (January/February 2014)

South African movies get a bad rap, sometimes deservedly. However we have a thriving movie industry which is producing some very entertaining movies.

The four movies below are ones that I have previewed recently, and which are at least worth bearing in mind when one is standing in front of the ticket counter wondering what to see.

iNumber Number, a police drama. Rating: 6/10
Four Corners, South Africa’s contender for the Best Foreign Movie at the Acadamy Awards (Oscars) although it was not nominated. Rating 8/10
Faan se Trein, a touching drama set in the 50s in the Klein Karoo. Afrikaans. 7/10
Pad na jou hart, a predictable chickfliek with a moral. 6/10

Four Corners is highly recommended. Directed by Ian Gabriel, it starts in the prisons in the Western Cape where it was filmed in the prison with real prisoners as extras. As the story unfolds one starts to anticipate the plot, but there is still an interesting twist in the tale which I was NOT expecting. Four Corners is told in a blend of Sabela (the secret language of the Number Gangs) Tsotsi taal, Afrikaans and English. It is sub-titled.


Bear in mind that 6/10 is just above passable because I don’t do 30% and 40% passes. 5/10 movies should be saved for DVD when one has nothing else to do. Anything less than 5/10 should be avoided unless you particularly like the genre or are related to one of the actors.


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