Randy Fenoli invites us to “Say Yes To The Dress” on TLC Entertainment

Randy Fenoli

Randy Fenoli

Recently I was invited to an event to meet the various leading men of 2014 on the Discovery Channel. Undoubtedly the most charming of these is Randy Fenoli. He works nearly 15 000 brides (many of whom, I am sure, are bridezillas) a year and his passion for fashion and design together with his flair for interacting with people have made him a success as both a fashion designer and as a television presenter.

The secret to his success is that he believes that regardless of what size, age and shape a woman is, she is beautiful and he can use his talents to find her the perfect dress to enhance her natural beauty. A fairy god-mother who uses his flair for design rather than simply magic to turn each woman into a princess.

Randy Fenoli, the youngest of seven children, began sewing dresses when he was only nine years old, before branching out into make-up artistry, hair styling and entertainment.

Discovery Channel will see him in action from January 2014 in “Say Yes to the Dress”.


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