Alison Moyet in concert at Emperors Palace

Alison Moyet is a survivor. She has gone the distance as an entertainer and is still as fresh the morning dew. Her genre was always a little difficult to label what with its bluesy, jazzy, pop, disco bits. She now has an electronic pop album out, entitled The Minutes, which she is promoting.

Alison Moyet cover picture

At this special minute Alison Moyet, now in her early fifties (four years my junior) has taken stock of herself, slimmed down and toned up to very, very sexy and put together a touring concert which arrived in Johannesburg on 13 and 14 December 2013 to blow Gauteng based fans away. Visually the concert is mostly unexciting, although there were some very nice lighting effects. Alison Moyet can move well, but the overall whole is still a central vocalist with two backing musicians on electronic synth keyboard thingies. I suppose one could dub it “minimalistic”. Of course, Alison Moyet was once part of a electro duo called Yazoo. Google it (no, it is Yazoo not Yahoo). So this is not far from her musical roots.

Her eighties club anthems, Situation and Don’t Go, were highlights for many of the older people in the audience. I know this because it was during these numbers that the three women behind me stopped tapping their feet against my chair and got up and danced. Afterwards they said that they would have preferred more of her older work. I didn’t necessarily agree with that. It is interesting to note how well her current work blended with her older work. Why should she simply repeat what she has already done? She is still creative and relevant.

Alison Moyet in South Africa

At the beginning of the concert Alison warns her live concert “virgins” that when she botches a number she starts again. She say it is not unprofessionalism, but giving her fans the best. She only did it once.

I was with a friend who had invited his young lover. This young man was unable to access anything but the rhythm in Moyet’s music, a sad indictment on what he must be listening to, for there’s still plenty of good stuff being written and performed today. He lost out on appreciating Moyet’s wonderfully clean and clear, rich contralto doing some pretty passionate stuff with great tunes and over interesting harmonies and subtle rhythms which made up a rich tapestry of thirty years in the music business. However, it was not the music Moyet makes which impressed me most. Rather it was Alison Moyet’s absolute sincerity. What you see is what you get. Unapologetically who she is. This is what happens when women reach what the French delicately refer to a “a certain age”. They embrace themselves – and the woman Alison Moyet embraces is thoroughly likeable as a performer.

All round this concert was a pleasure.

Alison Moyet 2


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