And so my personal Christmas season starts …

The church season of Christmas only starts on Christmas Eve and continues for twelve days.  The commercial season of Christmas starts in October and builds to a frenzy on 24 December.  The secular season of Christmas, marked by Christmas parties and carol services, starts in late November, usually just a few days before the season of Advent. My first Christmas event for 2013 was the “Cliffmas” Carols at Montecasino on 27 November 2013.

Cliffmas Carols

Every casino has to have a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme which, inter alia, provides value to the community which it serves as well as a variety of charitable causes. Montecasino, Beacon and Gareth Cliff, together with some other artists like Danny K, Cito, DJ Wags, Jen Su, Sonke (Idols finalist) and the Soweto Gospel Choir came together to do their bit for Headway.

Headway is a welfare organisation which offers support to survivors of brain injury resulting from illnesses such as stroke or traumatic events such as assault or accidents. The great thing about this was that so many of the people involved with Headway were present enjoying themselves along with the audience who paid a nominal R60 for their tickets to this enjoyable Christmas concert.  R60 000 was raised by the selling of 1000 seats.

Beacon were also generous sponsors of a play area for children and far more sweets than is good for any child.  🙂  It was heart warming to see their special “characters” (Liquorice All Sorts and Jelly Tots) interacting with the little ones.

It was most enjoyable although towards the later part of the evening lightning started to provide a natural fireworks display and the play area was closed shortly before the heavens opened and the audience disappeared (being issued rain protection as they left). The last three numbers of the planned concert were abandoned.

I understand that this is the second year this Christmas event has taken place and it now seems set to become an annual tradition at Montecasino.

As a start for my personal 2013 Christmas season it was a huge success.


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