Young artists criticize ANC and the ANC is furious

The ANC and censorship issues rears its ugly head again!

The ANC has not yet learned that it is the right of the people, even very young people still at school, to criticize them.  They are slow to learn this lesson.  They may never learn this lesson.  And every time they tackle the subject the whole world is reminded how corrupt, self-seeking and disgusting they really are.  Well, the whole world, minus their loyal voters – most of whom, like the President, can’t (ok, maybe “won’t” or “doesn’t”) read because the education system in South Africa keeps getting worse and worse.

In this latest furore some school learners from KZN Westville Boys High used visual satire on T-shirts.  Nelson Mandela is portrayed with ANC colours in a KFC spoof of Colonel Saunders.  It is pictured here. KFC probably love it.   Admittedly I don’t know what is written on the other side of this T-Shirt.  There is also one with Zuma being portrayed as the Bakers man under the amended logo “FAKERS since 1994”.

Nelson Mandela portrayed as Colonel Saunders of KFC fame

Nelson Mandela portrayed as Colonel Saunders of KFC fame

Apparently  the ANC see it as “an attack on a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic country”.  I see it as satire.  I do not even know where it begins to attack the things our Constitution holds dear.   Apparently, the Visual Art syllabus includes art as social and political commentary.  Sounds as if the pupils actually learned something.  More than 30% pass mark students.  And it seems the ANC don’t like that, just the way the old government didn’t like pupils giving political commentary in the old days.  Some things just don’t change.  


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