The Bar One Manhunt Season 3 has a winner!

Ok, let me start by saying that the winner, for those of you who care and for some bizarre reason might not know, is Johannes.

Johannes with half a million rand behind him

Johannes with half a million rand behind him

Bar One’s advertising for many years now has been geared towards providing energy for a 25 hour day. Typically their advertising has featured a firefighter. A male firefighter. As a female member of the Emergency Services, albeit as a volunteer with St John Ambulance, this has never bothered me. It just is what it is. I’m not one for “Politically Correct” stuff … and I like Bar One chocolates!

One of the most charming things about the whole Bar One Manhunt is that is flies in the face of what is “Politically Correct”. It is an unashamed man’s world for the thirteen weeks that it runs. No women. No ‘sissy’ stuff. Just man stuff for men. Ok, and for the many women (and men) who are quite content with that status quo and who like to watch men doing manly things.

The whole of the reality TV series is based on wholesome challenges which are both physical and intellectual. Each contestant is challenged to meet their limits and exceed them. The sixteen men who begin the series end having learned something about himself and about life.

I attended the final ceremony at which Johannes received his cheque for half a million rand, plus the keys to his brand new Toyota Hilux. I was touched by how much this series contributes to the development of these men as people, as the men in their families, as participants in the social and economic fabric of society. The three finalists spoke about the opportunities to travel locally and overseas, to experience things which they would never otherwise have experienced and to enjoy what I could see was a very sincere friendship between the sixteen contestants.

Johannes Ngoako Mapalakanye is a Joburg product, under thirty, who is a stock controller by trade. His hobbies are soccer and professional wrestling. He plans to use the money to buy himself a house, but also dreams of opening a non- profit organisation training centre in Midrand.

The Bar One Manhunt was flighted on TV1 and the sponsors were Nestle Bar One, Yamaha, Toyota, Casio and Builders Warehouse.


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