Renos Spanoudes is the link in the Greek double bill in Sandton

There are currently two Greek plays running at the Auto & General Sandton Theatre on the Square.   The first is Soil written by Renos Nicos Spanoudes.  The second is Meze, Mira and Make Up written by Irene Stephanou directed by Renos Nicos Spanoudes.  

I thoroughly enjoyed both of these shows.  Warning!  If you are taking advantage of the double bill remember that the first one starts at 19:00.  There are meze snack platters provided by Pappas between the shows.  If you are seeing only one of the shows, ask about the Dinner and Show specials being offered by Pappas and the theatre.

Asheley Dowds and Brenda Sakallirides

Asheley Dowds and Brenda Sakellarides

Soil features theatre veterans Brenda Sakellarides and Ashley Dowds directed by Lynne Maree and it is set in Cyprus some years after the Turkish invasion, based on a true story.    

Meze, Mira and Make Up is set locally, but also references the 70s events in Cyprus briefly.  Both plays are a look at the identity of South Africans of Greek heritage.  

Soil is a serious work and touches the heart deeply, likening the situation in Cyprus to the problem of land occupation in South Africa ominously, while Meze, Mira and Make Up, a one woman show featuring Taryn Papdopoulos Louch is more amusing account of gender, identity and history.  Watch out for Taryn Louch in the future. She is talented as a singer, dancer and actress.  

Imagine what your friend's mother would think if you didn't know how to peel an onion.

Imagine what your friend’s mother would think if you didn’t know how to peel an onion.

These “Two Greek Flavoured South African Plays” are really worth seeing and I recommend them both unhesitatingly. They work well as individual pieces and equally well as a double bill.  They are only on until 23 November 2013, so don’t delay in getting to see them.  Word of mouth recommendations are going to see this show sold out towards the end of the run.


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  1. Steve says:

    Ummm, I think that’s Cyprus. Cyprus is the country, cypress is the tree!

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