Ever wish you could travel more? I do …

The one thing I do wish is that I could travel more, both locally and internationally, so when I got to meet the lovely, exotic, Jen Su, tv and radio presenter, at DSTV Travel Channel functions, I was fascinated by her down to earth practical and fun persona and the grand life she gets to live in the course and scope of earning her daily bread (and sparkling wine). She is known as “The Mad Hatter” and she was wearing a hamburger hat the last time I saw her.

Jen Su, helping South Africans take to the skies

Jen Su, helping South Africans take to the skies

Recently she has paired up with Travelista, Avios Travel Rewards Programme. Travelista is a social media and web platform for travellers, shoppers and people who live life in the rat race.

Jen Su will be sharing her travel tips with millions of South Africans to help them to escape the mundane by gaining valuable and inspiring advice on how to live the red-carpet life without having to spend a fortune.

Ok. This is all about the Avios Credit Card and its rewards programme. The Avios rewards programme has been successfully run in the UK, US and Spain for the last 25 years. Locally the programme is partnered with British Airways, Pick n Pay, BP, Avis, and Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty.

Jen Su, Jet Setter

Jen Su, Jet Setter

But even if you don’t buy into the credit card line, Travelista (and Jen Su, The Mad Hatter) still gives the ordinary consumer great ideas of where to shop, dine and unwind absolutely free of charge whether you become a member or not. flytravelista.co.za


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