TVs of the near future will target households for specific advertising

Current technology allows TV advertisers to zero in on very specific audiences, right down to individual homes. Commercials will be sold the same way they are online (although why the advertisers think I want to enlarge my penis or need cheap Viagra I have absolutely no idea).


The reality is that it doesn’t matter, from an advertiser’s perspective, what you watch, it’s who you are that counts with them. This is going to make a difference to advertising once the advertisers get used to it.

The changes in how we get television will change advertising. We now have dozens of channels available in South Africa, thanks to FreeVision, OpenView HD, SABC and DSTV and M-Net. Advanced targeting of audiences will help the advertisers retain their prime position on these platforms. One of the things that this will mean is that smaller advertisers with limited budgets will be able to advertise again, this time to their specific target markets.

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This is not a matter of “if”, but rather “when” this happens. And when it happens, I will be curious to see if it offers me the strange options that my computer sometimes does.


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