1 October – International Day of the Older Person

International Day of Older Persons UN

The United Nations created an International Day of the Older Person in recognition of their unique needs, so I decided to celebrate it. I am not, quite yet, in the “Older Person” category except by dating standards, although I certainly acknowledge that I am far older than I ever imagined I’d be when I was young.

However, I chose this year as the year to mark the day by inviting the retired members of St John to tea in recognition of all the years of voluntary service they gave the organisation. I was a little disappointed that not as many people accepted the invitation as I had hoped, but perhaps I am to blame for not following up as vigorously as I should have done. Older people are, contrary to the expectations of young people, usually busy with a variety of projects and tea with the youngsters may be a bit of a nuisance in their minds.

I chose the very cheerful, friendly venue, Indulgence Cafe on 225 Beyers Naude Avenue, Northcliff. It is one of those special places. Those of us who were there had a good time. One of the young brigade members I took with me to meet them sent me an SMS afterwards saying that he had enjoyed the morning and that it was good to be reminded that he was doing this for others, not only for himself.

International Day of Older Persons 2

Anyway, in the spirit of the psalms it is time to say “Selah” or “Think on these things”.


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