Love and Prozac is more love and less Prozac

I am a Sonia Esgueira fan.  I loved her Porra trilogy.  I loved So You Think You Can Love.  I was a little miffed to discover the latter has now simply changed its names, one or two bits and been revived as Love and Prozac at the Auto and General Theatre on the Square.


However, having said that, I had fun again.  Esgueira has an infectious stage presence and I find her ability to laugh at the larger-than-life vulnerabilities of her personal experiences absolutely charming.

Many women in their thirties start to become a little bit desperate to fit in with their mothers’ desires to turn them into wives and mothers.  The biological clock is ticking and it takes a brave woman to turn it to digital, put it on silent and ignore it.  It also takes a brave woman to poke fun at the alternative.


The autobiographic bits of the show are sensitive.  Esgueira speed dates, occasionally drinks too much and has one night stands with bad sex.  Her spiritual journey is an anti-climax in her life and her description of India is even funnier than in the previous show.

The set is fabulous, as is her acting directed by John Trengove.  All round this is a good evening out, especially if one is not particularly sensitive about being a trifle broody woman looking for a husband.

See Love and Prozac at the Auto and General Theatre on the Square.


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