Mystic India, The World Tour

What a fantastic evening!

Publicity shot for Mystic India

Publicity shot for Mystic India

My main gripe is that, unlike most Bollywood movies, this show is too short. I wanted more!

ARC_MI_025 (2)

The narrator points out that the show is based on the concept of ancient India’s transformation into modern India. It also deals with the Hindu Pantheon and Indian history.

The acrobats were fantastic.

The acrobats were fantastic.

There is a cast of twenty six and over five hundred beautiful costumes. The costumes, like the dancers, are fantastic. The four acrobats are even more superb than the dancers and costumes. That’s really saying something.

Ganesha Pose

Directed by Amit Shah this is a wonderful production. The acrobats/aerialists were Rajesh Mudki, Rajesh Amrale, Ashwin Rawal, Naresh Kashiramjadhav. The female dancers were Kruti Shah, Hiral Shah, Rupal Joshi, Rachel Higbee, Andrea Palesh, Anjuli Bhattacharyya, Brielle Simonelli, Katerina Lott, Melissa Cammarata, Zimone Mincey, while the male dancers were Jack Tyler, Joseph Barnett, Raphael Niba, Reginald Webber Jr, Donnel Lewis, Bryan Soto, Adam Bourque.

Disco Bollywood (2)

Particularly impressive were two musicians, Rohan Dahale and Manuraj Rajput.

Chilman SA (2)

South Africans can see it at the Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace, until 26 May 2013.


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