2012 Awards Ceremonies honour South African greats

There are not a lot of awards in the world of arts, entertainment and culture. Two awards in the various categories of the creative realm particularly impressed me in 2012. One was the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature made by the Arts and Culture Trust to Nadine Gordimer and the other was the national award of the Order of Ikhamanga which David Goldblatt refused.

David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt

Both David Goldblatt and Nadine Gordimer cited the infamous Secrecy Bill as a really worrying aspect of South African life, grounds for Goldblatt to refuse the national award and a reason for Nadine Gordimer to speak out against it in accepting her prestigious award from the Arts and Culture Trust. Of course, Nadine Gordimer is a fitting person to receive this inaugural award as she is the only South Africa writer to have been awarded a Nobel prize for literature. Interestingly, David Goldblatt has been a recipient of the Arts and Culture Award for Visual Arts in the past.

Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer

Welcome Msomi is this year’s recipient of the esteemed ACT Lifetime Achievement Award for Theatre. Andrew Verster won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Visual Arts and Jonas Gwangwa won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Music.

As usual Standard Bank made their prestigious Awards to their Young Artists, Fana Tshabalala for Dance; Runette Botha for Music; Mary Sibande for Visual Art; Prince Lamla for Drama; Shane Cooper for Jazz; and Anthea Moys for Performance Art.

BASA awarded fourteen awards in various categories to businesses who support the arts, the Naledi Theatre Awards acknowledged a host of theatre practitioners and the Tunkie Award for Dance curated by the University of Johannesburg went to Gregory Maqoma. Elrie Joubert won the coveted Absa L’Atelier Award.

Inaugural Heritage awards were made by the Department of Arts and Culture in Heritage month, September.

All the award ceremonies mentioned ever so briefly here, the nominees and the winners are to be congratulated for making things happen and for honouring those who made it happen fabulously.


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