Lunares, a review

I love Spanish Dance, so it was with real pleasure that I watched the most enjoyable programme put on by the El Rincon Flamenco Dance Company at The Fringe, Joburg Theatre.

Many of the people on opening night wore spotted items in honour of the name and there was a very pleasant atmosphere front of house before, during and after the show, a rare feeling of fellowship.

The first item is entitled Suspiro – Alegrias, and it starts with a narration. The choreographer is Mireille Lenferna and the dancers are Joanne Bobrow, Mireille Lenferna, Caeleigh Britton, Nicole Haswell and Jacqui Shapiro. This is followed by Las Mujeres de Seville, choreographed by both Mireille Lenferna and Joanne Bobrow, both of whom dance it together with the full company. The next piece is also a full company piece choreographed by Mireille Lenferna entitled Ritmo Flamenco.

The Mischief Guitar Duo then appear. The two players are Rudo van Staden and Andre Liebenberg. They have been playing together since 2008 and have two albums, Woodgrain and Spanish Rain. They played Riviera Rumba and Spanish Rain while the dancers are changing.

A trio of dancers, Nicole Haswell, Jacqui Shapiro and Joane Bobrow perform Sentimentos – Solea, choreographed by Immaculada Aguilar and Manuel Betanzos, during which Joane Bobrow performs a solo dance.


Caracoles de la Vida is Mireille Lenferna’s own choreography to which she dances a solo and is then joined by Nicole Haswell, Jacqui Shapiro and Marcelle Steyn.


Staying with Mireille Lenferna’s choreography there are two numbers, Tangos and Rosado – Farruca, a richly percussive piece using a box like instrument, the name of which my escort whispered to me, but which I promptly forgot, before another guitar piece, Spanish Ninja (I kid you not!),

Guest artist Alexandra le Maitre then performed her own choreography in a solo, before being joined by the entire company in the finale choreographed by Mireille Lenferna.  The others in the company are Tessa Nowosenetz and Amy Williams.


The dancing was sassy, the choreography suitable for the small stage and very traditional and the ensemble work was good. The three soloists were magnificent, particularly that of Alexandra le Maitre.

All in all this is a very enjoyable production of traditional flamenco dancing which had no surprises but was put together with both love and professionalism.  

Lunares is on at The Fringe, Joburg Theatre until 27 May 2012.  Photography is by Ken Lovell.



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